The MEDoctor Symptom Checker

With the purpose of helping you find the best treatment for your illness or ailment, the MEDoctor symptom checker was developed by a team of 25 medical doctors and researchers, together with computer scientists and mathematicians. Currently, the MEDoctor system includes symptoms and indications for more than 830 diseases and conditions. Our service is to provide you with a Health Report, which you can show to your health care provider or doctor, for helping them determine with more accuracy what the next best step or therapy is for regaining your health. These diseases and conditions were selected as a result of a study conducted in the United States, and augmented by data from WHO, to determine the most common conditions seen by doctors in a clinical environment. It is our intention, over time, to add to this set of diseases and conditions for the benefit or the MEDoctor user.


Advanced Symptom Checker For Diseases, Illnesses or Pain

The MEDoctor Symptom Checker is a system for recognizing the patterns of the most common symptoms to finally identify which disease we have. From these symptoms, we can obtain the matches with the different diseases we have stored in our system and present the kind of illness or pain we have.

MEDoctor is the perfect tool to get a preliminary advice about our health problems; even if this should not hinder us to visit a doctor and have his medical advice.

Our system is a software tool that provides what we call a Differential Pre-Diagnosis (DPD). It develops a list of the most likely diseases or conditions of the user on the basis of their responses during the course of an interview, constantly reevaluating their likelihood after each response. At the end of the interview, it presents the three most likely results to the user.

In addition to the name of each of the three most likely diseases or conditions, the system shows their ICD-9 code (soon to be ICD-10). The ICD (International Classification of Disease) code is an internationally recognized means of identifying and classifying diseases and conditions and is used between health providers, insurers, government agencies, and researchers to promote accurate and efficient communications.

Our system is user-friendly and provides valuable information for you, your family, and your medical practitioner.

To use the system, the user needs only to identify how long they have had their issue, tell the system where they believe the problem is, then answer a series of simple questions generated by the system. As each question is answered, the system evaluates the answer and develops a set of new questions based on the information it has up to that point in the interview. When the system ‘thinks’ it has enough information to present a set of possible conditions, it stops asking questions and presents the user with the answer. This differentiates our system from rudimentary symptom checkers, which require the user to think about what symptoms they might have.

After completion of a MEDoctor interview, the user can save the results to the browser and print or email them to their medical provider. The summary results include all the questions asked and the user’s responses so the medical provider can judge the reasonableness of the suggested diagnoses.

Registered users can save their interview history into a account they can access at any time.  Registration is free and takes less than one minute after clicking on START MY FREE INTERVIEW.

Sample DDX Report

The system has been tested extensively in the USA and around the world, including a pilot program in Zambia sponsored by the International Telecommunication Union, and clinical trials have been done in hospitals and mobile clinics in Vietnam. The system is fully capable of handling multiple languages, and can even translate interview summaries ‘on the fly’, a valuable capability in situations where communication between providers and patients is limited due to language. The MEDoctor symptom checker will soon be available in additional languages according to market demand, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, and Portuguese.

We believe that the MEDoctor symptom checker is the most advanced user-initiated healthcare technology available today.

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