The Version 4.1 of the MEDoctor Patented Symptom Checker is now available

The Version 4.1 of the MEDoctor Patented Symptom Checker is now available

MEDoctor, Inc. announces the release of Version 4.1 of its patented online symptom checker, covering over 850 diseases and conditions. People all over the world are utilizing this free differential diagnosis system to understand their health problems and improve communication with their health care providers.

MARCO ISLAND, FL (PRWeb) October 29, 2014 – MEDoctor, Inc., is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.1 of its patented web-based symptom checker and differential diagnosis system. It is available for immediate use on the company’s web site at Developed by a team of over 25 medical professionals utilizing a wide array of sources and health care studies, MEDoctor V4.1 is uniquely designed to analyze gender, onset, and answers to a series of 30-50 Yes/No symptom-related questions to provide users with the three most likely conditions that apply to them.

MEDoctor V4.1 is coded for 858 diseases and conditions, from hay fever to heart disease to HIV, which account for almost all of the conditions that cause visits to primary care practitioners. In this latest release, MEDoctor’s focus on worldwide health issues led to the inclusion of coding for 22 diseases prevalent in developing countries, such as malaria and cholera.

During its recent release campaign, people on every continent have used MEDoctor V4.1 to investigate symptoms like back pain, fever, diarrhea, body aches, rash, and nausea, and to check for the possibility of conditions like depression, diabetes, liver disease, skin cancer, and flu. The improved MEDoctor V4.1 interview process now provides the user with a detailed results document; this document is an invaluable tool that a patient can share with his or her health care provider, making both parties better informed and more efficient.

While MEDoctor V4.1 is commonly used by mothers checking symptoms for their children or other family members, its easy-to-follow Yes/No interview process is user-friendly for people of all ages. It is also completely anonymous. Within five minutes, a user can generate a differential diagnosis and create a PDF of the interview results. If the user chooses to create an optional free account, he or she can save the interview for later retrieval as part of a personal electronic health record (EHR).

“Whether in North America, Asia, Africa, or Europe, individuals are getting MEDoctor results that help them help their family doctor and themselves,” said Charles Kelly, MEDoctor’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “No other symptom checker delves into the symptomatic detail that MEDoctor does, nor does any other product use a logical, Yes/No interview process to come to its conclusion. This unique combination is what earned MEDoctor patents in both the U.S. and Europe,” Kelly added.

MEDoctor received U.S. Patent Number 7,149,756 in 2006 and European Patent Number EP 1284639 in 2009. Both carry the title, “System and Method for Determining the Probable Existence of Disease.”

Users can access MEDoctor V4.1 at The system works equally well from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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