Medical Interview Online

Medical Interview Online

MEDoctor, Inc. is a closely-held Delaware, USA, corporation founded in 1999. The company holds all the intellectual property of the MEDoctor symptom checker and the patents pertaining to it.


Board of Directors of the MEDoctor Symptom Checker

Our Board of Directors includes highly-experienced businessmen, legal and medical professionals. Most of them have been active since the inception of the company in 1999 and have accompanied the company in all its previous developments. They also have been instrumental lately in working on the Internet launch of its free-of-charge MEDoctor 4.0 system.


Medical Advisory Committee of the MEDoctor Symptom Checker

Our Medical Advisory Committee supports and guides the development of our symptom checker. This committee is made up of highly-acclaimed physicians, including practitioners in typical practices, medical professors, and medical professionals serving in national and international government and government advisory bodies. Our technical staff has years of advanced computer programming and systems architecture experience.

Our physicians and specialists have done extensive work in the field of arthritis, asthma and allergies, the flu and similar diseases, many forms of cancer and oncology, depression and others, diabetes, herpes and other skin infections, heart and cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, kidney diseases and phrenology, meningitis, throat and lung diseases, stomach and other endocrinology diseases, cervical cancer and other gynecological ailments, parasites, thyroid diseases, lupus, Lyme and other skin diseases, celiac disease, pancreatic diseases, hepatitis and many others.

The MEDoctor symptom checker was demonstrated over an extended period of time at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was chosen as a Partner of the WHO for a Project called Sharing Intellectual Property for Development. The World Health Organization has set a goal of “eHealth for All by 2015”.


Presentations and Documents About MEDoctor

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