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Symptom Checker

Our mission is to empower you to help yourself determine your health problems. It won’t replace a medical visit to your doctor to have the final diagnosis and the correct treatment, but it will be useful to identify which pain, disease or illness can correspond to the symptoms you have. The MEDoctor Symptom Checker is a guide that will help you for all kinds of problems, for a benign disease as a cold or something more serious as a cancer. MEDoctor is indeed one of the world’s most advanced symptom checkers.

A symptom checker is a system allowing the detection of any subjective evidence of an ailment or medical condition. Subjective evidence is defined as a symptom, as only patients can discover them. The symptom checker may be run by the user/patient or with the assistance of medical personnel, as symptoms are, by definition, known to the patient only. In opposition, a sign is objectively determined by a medical professional. For example, blood coming out of the nose is a sign. It is apparent to the patient, physician, and others. Dizziness, low back pain, tingling in the feet or anxiety are all symptoms, as only the user/patient can perceive them. A symptom checker can be of different forms. The most frequent ones are either keyword based or artificial intelligence based. All symptom checkers will try to determine a differential diagnosis (DDX).

Diseases we can detect include back pain, knee pain, breast cancer, diabetes, skin cancer, heart disease, liver disease, depressionbody achesdiarrheakidney infectionasthmalymphoma.

The MEDoctor Symptom Checker provides not only a DDX, but also a list of the symptoms checked. Should you decide to visit your physician or health care provider, this information will help them determine with higher accuracy what your next best step of therapy might be.

Whether you live in a major city or rural village, you can use the MEDoctor Symptom checker to do your own Health Assessment. The MEDoctor Symptom Checker Version 4.1 is available “Free-of-Cost” to individuals worldwide. Individuals, family members and friends may use it as often as necessary and wherever the Internet is accessible. The system is user-friendly and works on any web-enabled device.

The Only Patented Symptom Checker on the Web

The MEDoctor Symptom Checker is covered by Patents in the USA and Europe with the title:


US Patent #7,149,756 A (December, 2006), and EPO Patent #EP 1284639 B1 (July, 2008).

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